Refund Policy

Eligibility for Refund

You may be eligible for refund if you purchased 'Electus Cash' and haven't played the game for more than 2 hours within 14 days of purchase and haven't purchased any items in ingame store.
You will not be eligible for refunds if have been banned or violated the terms of use / server rules. In addition, you may not be eligible for refunds if Electus determines that you are abusing the refund policy.

How can I request a refund?

You can request a refund by opening a support ticket after you login to your account.

How will I get my refund?

By default, purchases will be refunded to the payment method used to make the purchase, but this may not always be possible depending on the payment method. You and Electus may also agree that the refund be issued by alternative method. Please note the amount of time for the refund to process is dependent on your payment method.

Server info
  • Jucatori online: 492/6000
  • Server Time: 
  • CAP: 100
  • Race: CH
  • PC Limit: 2
  • IP Limit: 4
  • Guild Limit: 24
  • Union Limit: 2
Fortress war
  • Fortress war: Sunday 20:00
  • Jangan Fortress Jangan: Ne ocupata
  • Bandit Fortress Bandit: HallOfFame
  • Hotan Fortress Hotan: Ne ocupata
  • Constantinople Fortress Constantinople: Ne ocupata
Unique Kills
  • R3KT a omorat  Cerberus  - 12 minute în urmă
  • Leviatan a omorat  Tiger Girl  - 17 minute în urmă
  • TwisterMoon a omorat  Isyutaru  - 24 minute în urmă
  • Leviatan a omorat  Captain Ivy  - 26 minute în urmă
  • HollyMolly a omorat  Lord Yarkan [STR]  - 28 minute în urmă
  • More
Job Kills