Date: 13.12.2018
Time : 18:00 - 19:30
Patch Size : 103 MB +

You are guys are the best and deserve a good update every week and here is the update #7!


1. Weekly Electus Point limit increase 

Another week, another EP farm for the end game content, Seal of Moons. EP limit has been raised from 3000 to 3800. Farm Electus Points and obtain Seal of Moon items.

- Job limit is increased 350 EP instead of 400. (400 is cruel and we know it)
- Daily job limit is reduced from 100 to 90. For some reason people always thought that they need to hit their daily limit. That's literally non-sense. Plus, if you fill your daily limit every day after the weekly update, there would be no need to do jobbing after 4 days. So, the daily limit is now 90. New players can farm 630 EP from jobbing alone (per week) along with many other activities with no barriers.

2. Fortress War

We are making certain changes to make it even more competitive. Main fortress is now Constantinople Fortress. The reward for the occupier guild is 80B Gold. Hotan & Jangan fortresses are closed for now. Bandit is also available now with 20B Gold reward.

3. Homocidal Santa (NEW UNIQUE)

A  brand new unique is now available! 
Homocidal Santa unique will appear in Hotan All Map. Spawn period is 7 to 13 hours. The drops are as following;

5x Sapphire
3x Elite Box
2x Diamond Box
5x Peculiar Box
8x 100 silk scroll


All Credits => [GM]Simulation

4. Electus Divinesight Dress (NEW DRESS)

A brand new avatar dress set is available in Item Mall for a limited time (1 week).

1 / 2

All Credits => [GM]Simulation

5. Box Success Changes

It's been nearly 40 days after the release. That means we are announcing the release of Peculiar Boxes (Grand Electus Weapons). The best part of the Peculiar Boxes are that it's not a rare box and pretty much every can farm them and earn money by selling them.
Before you get too excited; note that Peculiar Box success rate is 1/1000 meaning Grand Electus weapon obtaining chance is waaay too low.
Elite Boxes will drop from more uniques now and SOE Equipment/Accessories will also be obtainable from the box. However, the success rate is quite low for equipment and accessories.


Let's now go through each box type and describe the changes.

Diamond Box

- Success rate has been increased from 20% to 25%

- SOS success rate has been reduced  to 70% (Equipment & Accessory & Weapon)
- SOA success rate has been increased to 30% (Equipment & Accesory)

Elite Box

- SOA Shield & Weapon Success rate 70%
- SOE Shield 5%  
- SOE Equipment 10% (NEW)
- SOE Accessory 15% (NEW)

Peculiar Box

- Grand Electus weapon success rate 1/1000

6. Box Drop Changes

Elite & Peculiar Box (Drop Update)

Elite Boxes are now obtainable from Forgotten World 3*, Godsend Dungeon and several other uniques. Drop amount is also increased @ Simulation, Medusa, Haroeris. (In order to protect the value of Elite Boxes, FGW/Godsend drops will not have 100% rate)

Elite Boxes
Shadow Spirit = 70%
Jupiter 3* = 70%
Simulation = 3 (Donwhang All Map)
Homocidal Santa = 3 (Hotan All Map)
Dark Soul=  75%
Karkadann = 35%
Khulood = 35%
Haroeris =  2
Medusa = 4

Pretty much every unique drops Peculiar Boxes as the rate is quite low. See the most up to date droplist below.



7. New Skill - Changes

Mighty Bash - Godsend

Lv 1
Phy attack power 1362 - 1627 (273%)

Lv 2
Phy attack power 1402 - 1667 (273%)
Critical 3 Increase

Magic Armor - Godsend

Addional ''HP 3036 Increase''


It's here! It's finally here! ELECTUS BATTLE ROYALE!!! :x

We will run it today after the update! We might run it multiple times in order to mass-test it. Detailed Explanation of the event is available here


- 1500 Silks
- 1x Character Visual (Random)
- 1x Electus Reaper Avatar Set (Random Color x Based on your gender)

10.  Medusa Drops

There are significant upgrade @ Nedusa drops so it's worth noting it down seperately.

- Silk drops  are increased from 800 to 2000
- Gold coin drop chance is incresed from 50% to 100%
- Elite Box drop amount increased from 2 to 4
- Removed Platinum Boxes

Medusa spawns every day at 21:30 in Medusa Room (Teleporter @ DW Teleportation)

11.  New Badges

Players who created an account before this update will receive '"Veteran Badge''.
New players will receive ''Newcomer Badge''.

Badges doesn't add any kind of buff/skill or any kind of ingame advantage.

12.  Solo Godsend Dungeon (NEW) ---- DELAYED BY 1 WEEK -----

Characters suffering at finding Godsend Dungeon parties are no longer in trouble, especially STR Chinese characters. They now have an option to complete solo godsend dungeon. The downside of the solo dungeon is the drops are nerfed along with the SP Quest reward (10M SP Scroll instead of 15M)

The sole purpose of the solo godsend dungeon is to give players an extra option if they have trouble with finding a Godsend Party. We recommend players to complete teamplay based Godsend Dungeon if possible.

- Monster & Unique HP's are nerfed by 80%
- Teleporter is available at Electus Shop 
- There is no summon-a-friend (teleporter) in the dungeon
- Drops are nerfed hard (The dungeon is to compete quests not to farm drops)
- 3 money,  3 crystal, Platinum Box (90%), Diamond Box (70%)


13. Seal of Moon Shield

Seal of Moon shields are now obtainable from MOON NPC.

14. SOE/SOM Shield Switchers 

As the number of SOE-SOM shields in the server are limited, we added race switcher scrolls for the shields compatible with SOE, SOM and Grand Electus. The scroll is available in Item Mall.

15. Madness Event Reward Update

The winner of Madness Event will now receive many valuable items in his storage.

- 3x Diamond Box
- 2x Elite Box
- 5% Alchemy Scroll

16. Discount

Item Mall : 10% Discount @ SOE & SOM weapon changers
Fellow Pet NPC: 10% Discount @ Rare Fellow Pets

17. Other Changes

- Moved survival arena teleporter to another location
- Added Christmas music in Donwhang
- Critical scrolls obtained from Platinum Boxes are now tradeable
- Electus Point scrolls will have 7 days cooldown now. You will have to use the scrolls within 7 days or they'll disappear!
- 1 AM Party Battle Arena is now functioning properly
- Increased teleportation and potion fees
- Reduced Vigor Grain % from 25 to 21 
- New players will receive Premium & Devil Spirit (3 days)
- Reduced Crystal drops from Godsend Dungeon uniques (10 to 8)
- Increased Sapphire drops from Lightning Spirit unique (2 to 3)
- Roc Killer, TOP Survival Killer, TOP Unique Hunter, Streamer, Electus Champion titles are now colored.
- Disabled Group Res (Cleric) in BA
- Updated Event Timer window (Santa Unique, Dark Soul, Lottery, Jackpot, LMS added)
- Reduced Rage Cloud (Madness Event unique) HP by 25%
- Reduced Crystal drops from Forgotten World - Thief Boss unique
1* 4 to 2
2* 10 to 6
3* 18 to 14


You will receive 15% bonus silk for your donations during the weekend. [Friday 23:59 - Sunday 23:59]

19. Ongoing / Upcoming Events

PVP Tournament #2 => 16.12.2018
Video Event (Winners Announcement) => 16.12.2018
Share Event #4 (Winners Announcement) => 16.12.2018
Christmas Event (E-L-E-C-T-U-S-) start period => 20.12.2018
Legendary Update => 03.01.2019 (Date is due change)

The silk transactions are being investigated on daily basis and the players involved with blackmarket transactions are being punished.

Kindly be informed that any player associated with blackmarket including;


- Buying silks from players for cash
- Selling silks to players for cash
- Being a middle for transactions stated above

will get a permanent ban without any warning / notice


Our daily checks include silk transactions via drop item, exchange, stall, guild storage, account storage, pick-pet and every possible way of transfering items.



Server Info: http://bit.ly/ElectusEUServerInfo

Download Electus EU: http://www.electus.online/downloads

 Thousands of players will start to compete in Electus Europe server on the grand opening day; 9th of November, friday! 

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