• You are registering for official server ‘’Nostalgia’’.
  • The account you will create now is not for Closed/Open beta server.
  • You can use random ID PW in Closed/Open beta.
  • Use the registered account on the grand opening day of Nostalgia.


  • For your own safety, don't use ID / PW combination you used in other servers.
  • Enter a real and safe email address. AVOID USING YAHOO, it's blocking our mails!
  • You have to activate your account by clicking the link you will find in the email you will receive
  • Donation is available after you verify your account.
General info
  • Players online: 1005/3500
  • Server Time: 
  • CAP: 100
  • Race: CH & EU
  • PC Limit: 2 (+1 Staller)
  • IP Limit: 4 (+1 Staller)
  • Guild Limit: TBA
  • Union Limit: TBA