These rules are subject to change at any moment without any further notice. Rules can be differently used by the admins if seen reasonable and not reading these rules is not an excuse!

We believe that Electus community is unique and the players are here to love and support it. As much as we appreciate it, we also expect them to follow the rules.

Players accepts that it's their responsibility to stay updated on our terms of use & rules. We take no responsibility for lost items or accounts as we offer chararacter and account lock systems which are free of charge. It's complete free to download and play Electus Online. Donations made by the players can and will not be refunded under any circumstances. Regulating the relations between the players is not considered as one of Electus Crew's responsibility such as politics, & swearing and any kind of polemics. Nevertheless, racistic and religion based jokes/insults might be punished upon player reports.

Players are responsibled to follow all the rules, otherwise penalties might apply:

  • Abusing a bug in any way,
  • Posting Inappropriate links/sites,
  • Using any kind of hack which gives you an advantage in game over others like 3rd party programs except auto-grind support bots,
  • Advertising other p-servers,
  • Ignoring GM/Admin requests,
  • Disrespecting admins, This includes swearing/cursing directly or indirectly, accusing without proof or claiming corruption,
  • Impersonating an Admin or making a character that has the same or a similar name as an Admin,
  • Fake report on hacking/scamming,
  • Posting screenshots that are edited in order to get someone banned,
  • Attempting to cheat at any kind of event is enough reason to get banned even though you do not get any profit out of it. Players are expected to report the bugs if found and they might be rewarded (Official server only) depending on the bug itself. However, Admins are the only ones to mention a reward. Players can not claim any reward even though they report a bug.
  • Selling Accounts, Items, Gold, Characters or any kind of Electus currency will result in an ban.
  • Trading Accounts, Items, Gold, Characters and anything else outside the server will result in a ban.(example: trading items from a different server)
  • Spreading false information about Electus name or admins will result in permanent block from the server with no hesitation.
  • Hosting events is not allowed for the players as they are tend to do that when they decide to quit and giveaway their items. This spreads negativity via globals and we don't like this. First attempt, 3 hours ban, second attempt permanent ban.
  • Using third party software(s) aka bots to camp on unique spawn points is 1 day ban reason. Next attempt will result in 3 days and third time it will be ban for 1 week.
  • Rules written above must be followed by the players. If broken, the punishment will be justified by the admins depending on the time and the situation.